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A Day in the Life film
1 x 4 mins
London, 2019

The legendary Terry Farrell is one of the world's most respected architects, so it was amazing to be asked to work with his firm to create a recruitment film. We wanted to make something special that acknowledged Terry’s design legacy, but also showcased a firm that is young and relevant within the sector. 
The location of the offices near Edgware Road in London were really important to the client, so we based our idea around a ‘day in the life’ at Farrells.


Beginning at dawn in the empty streets near Church Street market, we used a drone and pole camera to take the audience on a journey to the Hatton Street studios. We overlaid these striking images with Terry Farrell's voice talking about the history of the building, the importance of its design and how it adds to the work life of the people within it.
We wanted to show the Farrells team in the studios naturally interacting with each other and engaging with their work, so we based our small team in the studio for four days so people could get used to the camera and feel secure when being filmed. We then compiled this material together to create an authentic-feeling ‘day in the life’ film.



When we captured team members' voices for the recruitment film, we filmed them in a two-camera interview setup. This meant after we extracted the audio soundbites for the main film, we could use the interviews as the basis of a series of more specialised films concentrating on influence, building design and delivery. 

YSM_Farrells_Case Study_01.jpg
YSM_Farrells_Case Study_02.jpg
YSM_Farrells_Case Study_03.jpg
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