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London Design Biennale


Legacy and promotional film
1 x 5 mins
London, 2016

What started as a simple request to film a collection of VIP interviews at the opening of the first London Design Biennale in 2016, quickly escalated into one of our most ambitious projects. A deeper idea to create film content that not only captured and archived the entire exhibition, but also to create a film resource that would form the basis of a funding and promotional package for future Biennales. 
Filmed over four days, our filmmakers captured fly-on-the-wall public interactions, time lapses and set-up shots of each exhibition space. We simultaneously created a mini-studio in Somerset House to record the organisation heads talking about the origins and themes of the event. 
The film and a social cut down, which acted as an event highlight reel, took two weeks to produce and went online one day after the Biennale ended, highlighting our ability to turnaround top quality content to tight deadlines.


We reacted quickly to conceptualise and action this unique event, which took over the whole of Somerset House. We looked beyond simply creating archive content, working with the client to help them see the value of documentation and the power of film. This helped to strengthen what has now become a bi-yearly fixture in London’s design calendar.

YSM_London Design Biennale_Case Study_01.jpg
YSM_London Design Biennale_Case Study_02.jpg
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