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1 x 6 mins

UK, 2024

The connection between nature, animals and people evolves through the ages.

This film attempts to capture the symbiosis of man and animal; how they must move as one in partnership in order to coexist and maximise time spent working with each other. Reflecting this partnership is the unique glass horse menage built by Atelier Architecture + Design and the Giugiaro family that is unique for its innovative use of glass to connect to its surroundings in rural Hertfordshire.

We wanted to produce a film that explores how Giugiaro and his family use the glass menage to create a safe space for horses and people to ride, both unhindered by the elements but while remaining fully connected to nature.

This duality of separation and connection is a central theme that runs through the film. As we explore what it means to deeply connect to another living being we also examine how inextricable all living things are, and how buildings such as this one take on and replicate this blending of boundaries. As the transparent glass allows the outside to seep through its impermeable walls, nature merges with architecture, just as rider and horse seamlessly connect, uniting a family with its surroundings.



As part of the making of this film we also created a more direct story about the lead architects Atelier Architecture + Design Ltd and the technicalities surrounding the construction and materials used to realise the menage.

From this film we made several shorter social cut downs that were used as marketing tools for the practice which have served them well in generating new business.

In Step with Nature
In Step with Nature
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